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Life Sciences Security 

Hillcrest Advisory Group is an industry leading consulting firm specializing in anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, supplier risk management and supply chain security.  We serve biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies to help our clients avoid, eliminate, or minimize negative impact associated with illicit pharmaceutical activity.


Critical Program for
Small and Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Companies

Launching a new product is the lifeblood of any pharmaceutical company.  For small to mid-size companies, it can be the very essence of surviving or failing.  In many cases a brand owner spends millions of dollars in product development, regulatory filings, product promotions, staff, etc. to get the product to market.  Often, new companies are solely devoted to R&D, clinical studies, regulatory filings, manufacturing, supply chain operations, and other activities deemed critical to the success of the launch.  Often, they are too busy to consider items that may be considered peripheral to the task at hand.  Product Security Programs and their benefits are often overlooked while launching a new product.

Anti-Counterfeit Programs

Implementing methods and features designed to prevent shipment tampering must also be considered when offering robust supply chain solutions.   It is critical to establish an anti-counterfeiting strategy and baseline requirements to support secure shipment protocols.  Creating a foundational strategy will promote regulatory compliance, brand protection and a cost-effective approach to security.   Areas of focus are:

  • Regulatory Compliance Support

  • Program Strategy Development

  • Feature Selection and Authentication Protocols

  • Product Risk Assessment

Prescription Medication
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Brand Protection – Pharmaceutical Crime Monitoring, Investigation and Removal

The illicit sale of clinical and commercial products is rampant in the world and accounts for over $200 Billion dollars in revenue to bad actors.  No product or therapy category is immune to counterfeiting and/or diversion.  Vulnerabilities exist throughout the supply chain.  Hillcrest supports organizations in the following way:

  • Counterfeit, Diversion, & Fraud Investigations

  • Online Threat and Infringement Detection

  • Product Monitoring & Procurement

  • Targeting Intelligence & IP Enforcement

Supply Chain
Security Solutions

Critical to the execution of a resilient supply chain is understanding risks and implementing programs to protect products as they transit around the globe.  Subject to modification to your business model, potential areas of for consideration may include:

  • Global Supply Chain Intelligence and Risk Exposure

  • Supplier Due Diligence, Risk Assessment & Compliance Analysis

  • Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability Mapping

  • Supply Chain Real Time Threat Visibility / Risk Intelligence

  • Transportation / Logistics Network Strategy

  • Global Policy & Standards of Care

  • Risk-Based Audit Program

  • Transportation Security Requirements and Monitoring

  • Risk Response to Events and Evolving Threats

  • Metrics and Analytics

  • Clinical Trial

  • Cell Therapy Transportation Visibility

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