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Every company has a fiduciary, ethical, and moral obligation to effectively protect its assets. History has taught us that disruptive events can have a devastating impact on your employees, property, ideas, products, and reputation. The challenge for many business leaders is knowing how to turn their security aspirations into a practical and measurable plan.
That is where Hillcrest Advisory Group ("Hillcrest") and founder Christopher Lowery’s extensive experience can help. As a global security leader and collaborative business partner he offers a valuable perspective on building, implementing and improving programs to preserve business continuity, reduce security risk, maintain compliance and protect organizational assets.
Whether you are new to security, ready to implement your mitigation plan or need to respond to an actual breach, Hillcrest Advisory Group will partner with you to create a tailored approach that is unique to your organization.


Our plans and procedures are practical to implement - by your own team, by us, or using a sensible combination.

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Christopher Lowery
Managing Director

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I help company leaders identify potential risks and breaches – natural or manmade, random or targeted – so you can avoid, eliminate, or minimize their impact on your business.

My Five Stages of Maturity program leverages 30+ years of experience, advising, architecting, and supervising corporate security programs and teams. It offers a pragmatic, top-down approach to creating actionable plans with a clearly defined set to activities and outcomes designed to reduce risk to your business.
Whether you need a one-off security assessment, development of robust security program, or someone to act as an interim Chief Security Officer, I can partner with you to create a tailored approach that is unique to your organization.



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